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Emon Sofa Tamu Minimalis Mewah Cantik

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Product Packages of Emon Minimalist Luxurious Beautiful Guest Sofa

  • 2-1-1 plus table
  • 2 seater sofa
  • 1 seater sofa
  • Table
  • Sofa Frame Made Of Solid Teak Wood
  • PU Foam Material -LG / Velvet
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Minimalist Guest Chair Models and Prices

luxury minimalist guest sofa

Yang menarik dari emon sofa tamu minimalis mewah adalah pada sandaranya yang lengkung nyaman untuk punggung anda. Dudukan yang kenyal empuk dan pas ketika anda bersantai duduk menggunakannya. Kami menawarkan set sofa emon ini dengan formasi 2-1-1 plus meja bundar yang cantik ini bisa anda miliki dengan cara memesanya di tempat kami.

Mengapa Membeli Kursi Tamu Minimalis di Tempat Kami?

Kami adalah distributor Kursi Tamu Minimalis kualitas terbaik asli Jepara yang populer dan memiliki nama. Banyak orang yang telah mempercayakan furniture ruang tamu mereka kepada kami.Kami menjual produk kursi secara online dan offline. Jika Anda memiliki waktu, Anda bisa langsung datang ke tempat kami untuk melakukan survei barang.

Detail Produk Emon Sofa Tamu Minimalis Mewah Cantik

  • Nama : Emon Mewah Cantik
  • Desain : Minimalis Modern
  • Bahan Rangka : Kayu jati solid
  • Bahan Jok : Kain Beludru
  • Warna Jok : Cokat/Menyesuaikan Permintaan
  • Warna Finishing : Natural-Klasik Tradisonal
  • Sistem Finishing : Manual- Semprot
  • Lama Pembuatan : 4 Minggu

Paket Produk Emon Sofa Tamu Minimalis Mewah Cantik

  • 2-1-1 plus meja
  • Sofa 2 dudukan
  • Sofa 1 dudukan
  • Meja

Dimensi Produk

  • 2 dudukan = 180 cm x L 90 cm
  • 1 Dudukan 65 cm x 90 cm
  • 110 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm

Custom Produk

  • Untuk model, ukuran dan warna finishing bisa di pesan sesuai kebutuhan atau sesuai keinginan anda.
  • Warna Jok Bisa Menyesuikan Permintaan

Cara Pemesanan

  • Pemesanan bisa dilakukan secara online dan offline. Anda bisa secara langsung datang ketempat kami atau kami yang datang ketempat anda,. Anda juga bisa memulai pemesanan secara online sehingga anda akan di bantu oleh tim ahli kami.
  • Untuk memulai pemesanan, custmer harus memberikan tanda jadi / Dp sesuai kesepakatan bersama.
  • Lama pengerjaan sesuai waktu yang di sepakati bersama.
  • Setiap 2 Minggu sekali akan di fotokan progres pengerjaanya, jika diperlukan bisa seminggu sekali
  • Bila produk sudah selesai pengerjaannya, kami akan mengirimkan foto dan vidionya secara detail sehingga produk sebelum di kirim customer sudah melihat secara detailnya.
  • Selanjutnya produk akan di packing secara ketat, kardus tebal/palet
  • Pengirimannya melalui jasa ekspedisi kami.


  • Pengiriman keseluruh indonesia ( Truk Ekspedisi/ Picup )
  • Pengiriman Manca Negara ( Kontainer )
  • Pengiriman langsung dari jepara menggunakan ekspedisi lokal sehingga ongkos kirim lebih murah
  • Pengiriman keluar negeri menggunakan jasa ekspedisi lokal, bisa dor port dor ataupun dor to dor
  • For the sake of convenience in shipping we use a high security system. Our products are packaged using single fish and thick cardboard. For international shipments we add wooden pallets.


  • This sofa set product does not require special assembly or installation, we will send this product in its entirety via an expedition service to your home. and you can also choose your own expedition.
  • We make this product from natural wood so that it has different fibers, so the product you receive will have different grain like the product picture above.

Care Instructions

  • Keep it from splashing water colored coals or sharp objects
  • Clean the wood with a microfiber cloth

Tips for Caring for a Luxurious Minimalist Guest Sofa

Furniture will be durable and long lasting if you take care of it properly. Especially if this furniture is an item that is often used. There will definitely be a decline in the condition of the furniture. Here are some tips that you can use to care for furniture, especially minimalist guest sofas. Among others are :

  1. Immediately Clean If It Gets Dirt

So that your minimalist guest sofa can be durable and not dull quickly, you must clean it immediately if it is exposed to stains or dirt. Avoid dirt sticking to the sofa. Especially if this guest sofa is minimalist in size and is often used to gather with family members.

Surely one day there will be an event that will make the sofa dirty, such as spilled drink, trampled on the feet of a dirty child and so on. Therefore, make sure to clean the sofa directly.

  1. Use Special Cleaning Tool

A minimalist sofa is a type of furniture that has a very simple shape. There are no hard-to-reach corners. You will find it easier to clean. Use a cleaning tool specifically used to clean the sofa, such as a rag or vacuum cleaner.

Distinguish between the rags in the kitchen and the sofa rags. You don't want the sofa cloth to be stained with used oil from the kitchen, right? In addition, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the sofa evenly. Wipe the entire frame and legs of the sofa and backrest. A clean sofa will also give a clean impression to the entire living room.

  1. Dry the Guest Sofa Regularly

Don't be lazy to dry the sofa after cleaning it. You definitely don't want the sofa cushions to become infested with fleas or small animals that would annoy family members. If you are worried that the color of the sofa will fade in the sun, dry it in a place that is not too exposed to sunlight. It's a shame if you do the drying wrong. The color of the sofa cushions will fade and look unattractive.

If the sofa is exposed to spilled food or smelly drinks, first clean the surface of the sofa with water until clean. After that sprinkle a little baby powder to get rid of the smell. Dry with a hairdryer or hair dryer. You can also dry it in the sun to avoid the sofa becoming damp. Humid conditions can be dangerous for your sofa. Mold will grow and damage the leather and sofa surface.

Home Decor Accepts Orders for a Luxury Minimalist Guest Sofa

In addition to selling guest sofas, Home Decoration is a service for making guest sofas according to the design or shape you want. You can make your own shape or order with the designs provided. Where we provide free design services to draw the shape of the sofa you want. The following are the advantages that Home Decor can provide, namely:

  1. Easy Order Home Decoration Services is a service company that provides furniture making services such as guest chairs, dining tables, beds, kitchen sets and so on. At our place, you can order the type of furniture you need with various designs.

How to order is quite easy. You will only be asked to send a message to the Home Decor team via email. The consultation process can be done by telephone or by in-person visits. Home Decor can be contacted via the telephone line provided below.

  1. Free Design

You will be given a free design service for the furniture you ordered. Just say what you want and the shape you want. The Home Decor team will try to create an overview of the design you requested. We do not charge a design fee for this work. You can add, replace or reduce designs and ornaments at will as long as the process does not continue in the production process.

  1. Quality Material

The materials used here are selected materials. Here, we only use materials that have been tested and measured for quality. For wood materials, we generally use teak, especially if the minimalist guest sofa uses a carved design.

Teak wood is the most suitable wood for use as furniture. The wood texture is strong, durable, sturdy, not easily eaten by termites so that it can last a long time. In addition, teak wood has an interesting carving texture.

If you choose to use iron or metal materials, we have also provided the highest quality materials. Iron and metal are number one and not a mixture. Your minimalist guest sofa will be very strong and sturdy.

  1. Best Order Result

No need to worry about quality problems. We guarantee the best quality and the best quality of all our products. In addition to the selected materials or materials, the process of making this furniture is also carried out by experts.

Every manufacturing process is handled by people who are experienced in their fields. Such as engraving parts, bearing parts and so on.

  1. Free Shipping

We will also give you a very pleasant advantage of free shipping. However, this shipping fee waiver applies to certain areas. But you don't need to worry, the selling price of our minimalist guest sofa is quite affordable and competitive.

Having a minimalist guest sofa in a narrow house is a very appropriate solution. You can still complete the furniture without having to jostle. Even though the size is minimalist, at least you can arrange it to make it look more beautiful and artistic. Size will not reduce the essence of a sofa in the living room. So, don't wait any longer. Immediately order your minimalist sofa according to the design you have in mind at this time.

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